Friends of Anclote Key State Park & Lighthouse

The Friends is a volunteer organization that supports Anclote Key State Park and the lighthouse.  It is a Citizens Support Organization (CSO) designated by the State of Florida and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  It is composed of people who care about the ecological health of the island and the integrity of the lighthouse.

Anclote Key State Park

Anclote Key State Park is located on Anclote Key, a barrier island three miles offshore of the mouth of the Anclote River in the Gulf of Mexico.  It is a 440-acre nature preserve composed of a four-mile strand of sandy beaches, coastal hammock, and mangroves.  The island is accessible only by boat; there are no bridges or causeways leading to the island.  A State Park Ranger lives and works full time on the island.  

Because it is a nature preserve, no dogs are allowed.  This is primarily to protect the nesting and resting birds of the island and other native island wildlife.  North Bar, a sand spit north of Anclote Key is open for dogs on 6' leashes.  Honeymoon Island to the south has a dog beach where dogs can play on 6' leashes as well.

The light house is open for climbing only during scheduled open houses.  Due to Covid, no open houses are scheduled at this time.  

Anclote Key is open for visitation throughout the island, and primitive camping is allowed at the designated camping area.  Visitors may walk up to the locked fence surrounding the lighthouse to get a closer view.  A pit toilet and picnic tables are nearby for public use.  Visitors are encouraged to take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.  Please take your trash with you, and help us preserve this beautiful island for future generations.

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