Volunteer “Work” Day

Come join us as we help Ranger Tod Cornell on our beautiful island.

It is a work day - but we have a lot of fun while we are out there.

Jobs to include, but not limited to:

Beach clean-up, yard work around the Ranger's compound, cutting palm fronds and or tree limbs, raking leaves, painting, plumbing, carpentry, mechanical or any general work as designated and needed.

Bring your lunch & snacks including water or soft drinks. Wear closed toed shoes and hat if preferred, work gloves, bug spray, sun screen, and anything else you will need for the day. 

If you take your own watercraft, we suggest you arrive on the island around 9:00 AM.

Please register by going to anclotecso.org and clicking on events. If you haven't already, you will need to complete a volunteer form which you will find on the below. You must fill out and submit a volunteer form before the event to the email address below: 

Contact: president@anclotecso.org

Volunteers meet and leave from Anclote River Park 1119 Baillies Bluff Road, Holiday, FL 34691     at    8:00am. Again, contact the email above as to who and how many are coming so we can arrange boat rides to the island.  


We are all volunteers and so thankful for the willing help of others to make this day so successful for all of the visitors.

Pictures are also on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AncloteKeyLighthouse/

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